Saturday, February 04, 2006

Hockey night!

I am currently writing this from our room at the LaQuinta Inn (which apparently is spanish for "hi-speed internet") in Charleston after having just watched the South Carolina Stingrays defeat the Greenville Grrrowl 3-1. This is the second minor league hockey game I've been to, and I have to say that while it's a fun atmosphere and exciting to watch (as all hockey is IMO), you can clearly tell you're not watching the pros. The passes aren't quite as crisp, the deke's don't always work, and team names are kinda silly. But none of that really matters - it's fun to see such a fast-paced sport live and in person. I would also like to see an Arena football game in person as well before it's all said and done (go CRUSH!!!). Anyway, if you find yourself in Charleston for some reason, drop $12 on a ticket and go see a hockey game. Thanks to Brian and Debz for inviting us to go along (and for driving).


Brian said...

So you think the Stingray chomping on a hockey stick with its razor-sharp teeth is "silly"? For shame.

Allison Bonner said...

yes, and the child sitting behind us thought that it was an elephant, not a stingray.