Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

Well it's 2006 - thank goodness. We spent New Year's Eve at Robyn's house and then rang in the new year at some bar in downtown Beaufort where the music was so loud that I, in fact, could not hear myself think, and I actually had a glass (well ok, a few sips) of champagne. This was due to me getting completely hammered earlier in the night with my good friend and namesake, Captain Morgan. Just kidding Mom - I posed with him just to freak you out. Anyway, this was a vast departure from my normal superstitious behavior on new year's, which started 11 years ago. I don't even remember why I didn't stay up new year's eve, 1994 - but I didn't and I had a pretty decent 1995. And thus, the tradition was born. While the rest of the world is celebrating and setting off fireworks, I was always tucked snugly in my bed. This tradition had continued up until last night, as I figured that it was time for a change. So, we'll see - I either just felt which way the wind was blowing, and adjusted accordingly....or I just completely screwed myself and am going to have an awful year. It will be interesting to see what I'm posting to this blog on January 1st, 2007....

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Bill Wheatley said...

Goofball :)

Shame the giants won yesterday...and hope the skins can pull this win out and then it can be a skins broncos superbowl :) MUAHHHAA

i'm so glad they brought joe gibbs back the only decent coach washington had since he left was norv turner and thats only because the new jackass owner can't seem to stop being such a prick to let a coach do their job.

ANd steve spurier WTF i hate that guy he stomped marylands ass in the orange bowl a few years back *CRY*