Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Stupid Internet personality test

Your Power Color Is Indigo

At Your Highest:
You are on a fast track to success - and others believe in you.

At Your Lowest:
You require a lot of attention and praise.

In Love:
You see people as how you want them to be, not as how they are.

How You're Attractive:
You're dramatic flair makes others see you as mysterious and romantic.

Your Eternal Question:
"Does This Work Into My Future Plans?"

Well, that's disturbingly accurate. Except for the "eternal question" part. I rather tend to think that my eternal question is more along the lines of "where is my next meal coming from?".....


Allison Bonner said...

wow, that's sad about the love thing. i hope i'm as i at least. by the way...i'm lime green and it says that in love: "You have a tough exterior, but can be very dedicated." I hope that gives you hope! love you!

mom said...

Your next meal can come from loosing the thought of buying another gadget sweety!

Morgan Bonner said...

but MOM!!!!