Monday, September 05, 2005

I coulda been a Mathlete

I am a fast food connoisseur. McDonalds, Arbys, Wendy's, Popeyes.....hell, even Subway. I have seen and done it all as far as those places go - at least I thought I had until today. Today....I had the strangest experience I've ever had. I found myself at Burger King for lunch, and when I got up to the counter I ordered my food just like I've done a million times. I could tell something was wrong immediately though, as I had to repeat my order 3 times since the woman was clearly having trouble putting it into the register. When she finally got it right, she told me my total was $7.90. I gave her a $20 dollar bill, and waited patiently for my change. I could tell she was having trouble....then things simply went berserk. She took my receipt that had my order number on it back from me - literally, took it out of my hand. She then proceeded to grab a pen, and WROTE this down on my receipt:

- 7.90

Now, at this point I'm in a state of shock, not fully realizing what I'm seeing. She's crossing out zeros, and she's doing her best - but she can't get it. I mean, she writes it down 3 times, and each time she can't figure it out. She must be panicking I'm I figure I'll just give her some time....which is why I nearly passed out from shock when she proceeded to TAKE THE NEXT PERSON'S ORDER while still holding my $20 bill and while I'm still standing there! She gets her order right on the first try, then proceeds to enter the $5.00 that she was given into the register, which promptly spat out 17 cents change to the dude behind me. So anyway, she looks at me and says "just a minute sir" and punches in some more info into the register. It opens and she pulls out a $10 dollar bill and a $1 dollar bill....and a dime. Now, I suck at math. I mean, the only class I ever failed in school was Algebra 1. But even with my rudimentary math skills, I was instantly aware that I was coming up a buck short. So I politely asked her if the total was indeed $7.90. She said "yes". I then asked if I had given her a $20, and she said "yes". At that point I said "ok, so then the change should be $12.10". To her credit, she handed me another $1 dollar bill without argument, and I got my food without further incident. However, I spent the rest of my lunch pondering just how close we all are to total anarchy were those cash registers in fast food places to stop working for an extended period of time. Can you imagine if the majority of Americans had to do math in their head? We'd be pretty screwed - and I'd die of starvation.

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