Sunday, September 18, 2005

Holding my tongue

I have spoken on this blog in the past about how much I dig my job, and the people that I work with. However, there is one downside to my job - I have to keep my mouth shut sometimes. I am VERY fortunate that my position rarely requires me to interact with the public. 99% of the time I speak to someone from the outside world it's because customer service has transfered a person with a question about the website to me by accident. This is a good thing, because my people skills, in a word, bite.

However, this past week I have really, REALLY wanted to give the general public a piece of my mind. We have recently re-designed the Island Packet's website. The usual suspects who hate change in any form in their lives came out in full force to voice their meaningless displeasure with us. It's not so much that they are bitching about the new look - it's the arrogance, the "I know better" attitude that I am particularly annoyed by. These people cannot apparently fathom that we might have had a reason for doing things the way we've done them.

However, as I have nothing to do with the website, I can add nothing constructive to the discussion, so I have to refrain from commenting. For someone like me, who does not easily sit back and let his friends be attacked in any manner, this is a very difficult thing to do. My hats off to Chris and Brian, who not only have to actually interact with these melvins, but do so in a courteous, professional manner. My hats off to you gentlemen.

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Brian said...

Man, if we actually had one of those complaint grenade thingies, we could have wiped out a good chunk of Hilton Head's population.