Sunday, September 25, 2005

Go! Fight! Win!

Stacy was kind enough to invite Allison and I to the South Carolina/Troy football game yesterday. We left for Columbia at 2PM, stopped at some place called "Dukes BBQ" that Stacy swears by (quite good - need to get one in Bluffton), then got to the stadium. After spending obscene amounts of money on concessions we settled in and watched the game. I must say that while I'm sure I would have been more excited had I had a vested interest in either of the teams playing, it was still a great time. I do enjoying going to a live football game every once in a while. You tend to lose perspective when you only watch it on TV. Thanks for the invite Stacy - maybe someday we'll go to the Clemson game with you, and this time when I wear my orange and blue I'll get yelled at have have things thrown at me.....ahh.....good times.

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