Wednesday, August 10, 2005

10 things I think I think

1. I think I'm shocked that the Island Packet was published for 9 days straight without me.

2. I think that Bluffton Today will be destroyed once my pal Robyn gets done with them.

3. I think that I am more ready for this football season to start than any other before it.

4. I think that the Broncos will defeat the Falcons in Super Bowl XL.

5. I think that cats have a way of sensing grief and responding with extra affection.

6. I think that Bud Light and beer in general tastes like carbonated ass.

7. I think I'm going back to Amigos tomorrow.

8. I think I am throughly enjoying taking out my frustrations on the heavy bag at the gym these days.

9. I think I'm also glad that the heavy bag can't hit back.

10. I think I'm hungry.


Robyn Passante said...

Are you dead yet?

Morgan Bonner said...

Not yet....check back tomorrow to see if I actually woke up.