Friday, June 24, 2005

They've got mail

Today concludes my (first) week of e-mail hell at work. We have been setting up a new e-mail server, and will continue to be migrating users over from the old one for the foreseeable future. My main goal for this week was to get the Ad Reps their e-mail accounts - they have only been whining about not having e-mail every day for the last 7 and a half years I've been at the Packet (and yes, I'm counting the year I spent in Boise, cuz I'm sure they bitched about it then too). So by Tuesday night everything was set up, and I left them all a nice little note saying that their account was active and a little info about the e-mail program that we're using, Entourage (which I'm not really pleased with at all, but then again, it's made by you-know-who, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised...). For the most part, I have been pleasantly surprised with the lack of help that they have needed. Has given me plenty of time to contemplate the next massive project I have to look forward to because of the new e-mail server: moving 20 reporters off of OS 8.6 and onto OS X. Now, because of training issues, this will be slightly more challenging - especially given that I'm quite certain there are at least 5 of them who would much rather have one of these than a computer at all, let alone a brand new one. Should be interesting....wish me luck!


Robyn said...

On behalf of the newsroom, let me say that we don't appreciate your disparaging comments. And we'd like to remind you that if it were not for our need for technology to write our stories and put the paper together, you'd be out on your ass. Just sayin'. :)

Mr. Webb said...

Yes, they did bitch while you were in Boise...some more than others. Let me guess, Owen wants on of those and a few copydesk members. Good luck to you Morgan.