Sunday, June 26, 2005

335 years of history in 1 hour

So we took a quick little trip to Charleston yesterday - specifically to see Batman Begins at the IMAX theater, but also to see a little of the city, which although my Mother claims that I have been there before, I have no memory of. To achieve this goal, we took a ride on one of their famous carriage tours.

We interrupt this post to bring you the following message - Horses smell. Bad. We now return you to Morgan's blog....

We were pulled through town by a couple of mules, all the while dodging traffic. The good people of Charleston undoubtedly are used to sharing their roads with Horses - the tourists are not. I have never been so close (I'm talking inches people) to on-coming traffic in my life. How more people aren't killed on those streets I have no idea....anyway, our pilot and tour guide was a friendly fellow, and quite humorous. He made one or two passing references to the "War of Northern Aggression" as well as talked our ears off about the 12,000 churches in the area ("any Methodists on board? Well, look over to your right...."), but overall it was pleasant and some of the historical places were quite interesting. I especially liked the hotel that we passed that he said both Robert E. Lee and Halle Barry stayed in. Not together, as far as they know.

Friday, June 24, 2005

They've got mail

Today concludes my (first) week of e-mail hell at work. We have been setting up a new e-mail server, and will continue to be migrating users over from the old one for the foreseeable future. My main goal for this week was to get the Ad Reps their e-mail accounts - they have only been whining about not having e-mail every day for the last 7 and a half years I've been at the Packet (and yes, I'm counting the year I spent in Boise, cuz I'm sure they bitched about it then too). So by Tuesday night everything was set up, and I left them all a nice little note saying that their account was active and a little info about the e-mail program that we're using, Entourage (which I'm not really pleased with at all, but then again, it's made by you-know-who, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised...). For the most part, I have been pleasantly surprised with the lack of help that they have needed. Has given me plenty of time to contemplate the next massive project I have to look forward to because of the new e-mail server: moving 20 reporters off of OS 8.6 and onto OS X. Now, because of training issues, this will be slightly more challenging - especially given that I'm quite certain there are at least 5 of them who would much rather have one of these than a computer at all, let alone a brand new one. Should be interesting....wish me luck!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

New arrival

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Yes, I know I said I was enjoying being out of debt. And for the most part, I still am. But after already having exceeded my 2-year Mac upgrade cycle by nearly 9 months, it was time. Meet the newest addition to our family, a 20' iMac G5. It sure is purdy huh? So....anyone wanna buy a sightly used but lovingly-cared for eMac? Comes with free tech support for life!!

Friday, June 10, 2005

I'll miss Skinamax

The highlight of this week has been the switch over to a different cable company at Summer Isle. The original owner of Summer Isle was also the owner of a cable company based in Marietta, GA, so that's the cable company we had. One of the perks was free pay channels - HBO, Showtime, Cinamax, etc. Of course, that was just about the only perk. They couldn't keep UPN on the air (a big thank you to Mom for taping Enterprise for me these last two years), several other channels were just dropped with no explanation, and their customer "service" was anything but. So now under new ownership, Summer Isle finally brought in a new cable TV provider, Shentel, which seems to be based out of Virginia. You would think with such a dramatic change, the least we could have expected out of this new company might be a new channel line-up card or something. But no - I've spent the last 2 nights trying to figure out what's what. Not only that, but naturally, the pay channels are gone. No more late night crappy porn. Oh least we've got SpikeTV back - MXC rules....

Monday, June 06, 2005

Bonner family vacation

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We have returned from Orlando, where we spent 3 days and 3 nights doing the amusement park thing. We went to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure (if you ever ride the Dueling Dragons roller coaster, make sure you sit in the front row - it's worth it), and Downtown Disney. We also saw Cirque Du Soleil's "La Nouba". Now, if you've ever seen a Cirque show, you know that it defies description, so I won't bother trying to write one. I will say however, that even though it's not really up my alley, if you ever have the chance to see a performance, you owe it to yourself to go, just to say you saw it.

The highlight of the trip for yours truly would prolly have to be my first pilgrimage to an Apple Store. Since I generally tend to think of traveling the way I think of cancer, I had never made it to one before (still patiently waiting for one to open in Savannah - are you listening Steve?). It was a surreal experience being in that store, because of the knowledge that if I wasn't working as the Mac guy for the Island Packet newspaper, I'd be working at this store (well, not the Orlando store. Maybe Denver....). Anyway, I resisted the urge to walk out with a new iMac, even though they had plenty of them (they also had numerous iBooks...sorry Robyn!). I didn't come away empty handed though, as I bought a new power adapter for my PowerBook - I somehow managed to rip a hole in my old one during the trip, and also managed to give myself a good electrical shock in the process. Thankfully, I didn't set the hotel on fire. This time.

A good time was had by all. We could have had nicer weather, but for the most part, it was nice to get away for a little while and breathe some non-Packet air. The main thing I hate about going new places is the driving. I can't stand the stress of having to read a map, follow signs and drive in 5 lane traffic all at the same time. This time however, I had an ace in the hole - my GPS device worked wonders. Although it took us the long way to a couple of places, it always got us there. It really was like driving with someone who knew where they were going. It made the trip far less-stressful that it would have otherwise been for me. My geekdom and love of gadgets has finally paid off!

Friday, June 03, 2005

Holy crap! I'm in an Apple store!!!!

Umm....that is all. I'm gonna go buy something now.