Wednesday, May 18, 2005

What was I just saying about saving money?

The XBOX 360 was announced last week, and then this week I got the Playstation 3 thrown in my face. It won't be out for a year or so, giving me time to save my pennies - and save them I will. Man this thing looks pretty dang sweet. I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore gamer - I enjoy beating the crap out of people in Soul Calibur, and having the crap beat out of me in HALO multiplayer, but other than that, I usually just rent a game from GameFly, play it for a little while, send it back, rent another game, play it for a little while, and so on. I really wish this service had been around before I dropped $50 clams on "Enter The Matrix" which has a fun habit of crashing whenever I get halfway through a level. Anyway, we (and you know who you are) really need to get the Soul Calibur tourneys going again. Hey, if you losers want a shot at my SC world championship belt, all you have to do is ask....

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