Saturday, May 07, 2005

Something I've been meaning to do.... it is. My blog. I have been meaning to do this for quite a while, prolly ever since the first time I saw my boss's website as well as Dearth's. Of course, both of these dudes are proficient in the ways of HTML, which has always remained a mystery to me, so I never gave it much more thought. Then today, for some reason (prolly cuz I'm really, really bored) I happened upon Blogger. Some might say that with my technical background, I should be able to host a blog myself. However, these people severely underestimate my near-legendary amount of laziness.

And so here I am. Who am I? Well, if you're reading this, you already know who I am, because I've e-mailed you and asked you to humor me and check out this blog. However, for the benefit of those who might one day Google me....I am Morgan Bonner, Jedi Knight and friend to Captain Solo. Forgive Star Wars on the brain these days...can't imagine why....anyway, I am 27 years of age, work at The Island Packet as the Macintosh Systems Administrator, although that's really just what I tell the Dell and Micro$oft sales reality, if it breaks and has electronics in it, myself and Matt are required to fix it! I am son and husband to Pat and Allison respectively, as well as father to the furry and sometimes-annoying Mac and Ady. I am a self-described nerd with an unhealthy lightsaber fetish. I am a fan of all the sports teams from Denver (and yes, I've been there - once). I have more Star Trek action figures than you (and no, as Robyn once asked, I don't take them out of the package and play make-believe with them :0). I once ate at least one meal at Popeye's for 8 days straight. And honestly....that's really all you need to know about me.

If what I've noticed by observing the blogs of other Packeteers is any indication, I'll be updating this blog a few times a month. Hey, we're all pretty busy dudes, making sure 30,000 people get their news and information about southern Beaufort county each day and all. Or, at the very least, the answers to yesterday's crossword.


allison...the wife said...

you can imagine the patience i have...

Brian said...

"And honestly....that's really all you need to know about me."

If that's the case, wouldn't this first post also be your last?