Saturday, May 14, 2005

Relay For Life

Last night Allison and I attended the American Cancer Society Relay For Life that was held at Bluffton High School. A good time was had by all, and I was even able to find the luminary bag that I had left for my Grandmother, who passed away from a battle with cancer in 2001, amongst the thousands of bags honoring loved ones who had fought the disease. Thanks to Robyn (who was the co-chair of the event) for inspiring me to get involved. It feels good to do something, even if it's not much, to help try to defeat this illness that claims the lives of so many people.

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Bill Wheatley said...

I still remember that i was in atlanta for some Database training when i just called you out of the blue. I wish you would have called me. I know she like your grandfather hated my guts i really cared for them. They both played very tough with me as a bratty kid but there were times when i was alone with them that they would really be nice to me. ANd let me know they just want me to turn out to be a better person then i would have been if i did not have the great opportunity to be over there with you and them almost every single day. Makes me glad for the day i followed you off the bus. And you were going "Wtf bill go home i didn't mean for you to come over now." But I persisted since i was lonely and we watched star trek and wrestled lol. Such good times. I went by their old house when i went up to visit it looked more similar then my old house in ocean pines looked with its freaking yellow vinyl siding.

I long for my childhood back. I long to be back in maryland with my family and loved ones.