Friday, May 20, 2005

The Packet turns to the dark side

So yesterday my very own paper runs an article in the front page of the business section with a headline reading "Do you know where your IT worker is today?". Apparently, a Chcago-based outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas Inc., predicts a rise in employee absenteeism that could cost U.S. employers $627 million dollars in "lost productivity" on Thursday and Friday. These "experts" also predict that Information Technology workers are most likely to call in sick.

Two points:

First of all, this doesn't make sense. How many jobs are there in this country that don't give sick days and vacation days? I'm assuming these people have a certain amount of time off to use in a year - if they take May 19th off, don't they have to make up that day some other time during the year? Aren't the 8 hours they took off budgeted for by their employer? How is this costing the company productivity?

Second of all, not only is it completely stereotypical and bogus to say that IT workers are the most likely to call in sick, it's also totally unfair. Are there one or two IT droids in this country who called in sick? Sure - but then there are one or two IT droids in this country who happen to be axe murders also. The vast majority of IT workers didn't call in sick - like me, they considerately scheduled their day off a year in advance the moment George announced the date that Star Wars was coming out.

I have been told I'm not allowed to write a letter to the editor at the Packet over this outrage because I am an employee. I have also been told that my wife is not allowed to write a letter to the editor. If any of my loyal readers who DON'T work for the Packet (all 3 of you) want to help me out, let me know. This dishonor must not go unchallenged!!!


Brian said...

I'm confused... you didn't call in sick, but you are an axe murderer? Did I get that right?

chris said...

What! You mean you weren't sick?!?!?! This is going in your file!