Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Of course, his first mistake was seeing Star Wars at Northridge to begin with...

Whenever a new Star Wars movie comes out you get the requisite stories floating around out there about nerds like myself who have waited in line at the wrong theater, or the dudes who used actual fuel in their lightsabers. Frankly, these stories give all us decent, hard-working, clean-living SW fans a bad name. But perhaps the strangest of all the SW stories that I've heard comes to us from our very own backyard.


Next time he might want to just plunk down the five bones for a ticket. At least that way he could actually see the end of the movie before having the crap kicked out of him by the cops.


Brian said...

The most interesting aspect of the whole article is why there is an ellipses in George W. ... Bush. What's missing?

I can sure think of a few choice phrases to insert there.

Morgan Bonner said...

Indeed....at first glance, he sounds like a wacked-out right-winger. But then again, a wacked-out right-winger most certainly would have left had George Bush asked him to. So I dunno.