Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Mile High Rice?

The Broncos are reportedly very interested in bringing Jerry Rice aboard this season - I for one, hope to hell it happens. Anyone who saw that Monday night game last year that Seattle played against Dallas knows that the man can still play. All that's needed is for someone to throw him the ball. Besides, as far as WR's go, Denver has Rod Smith, Ashley Lelie and.....ummm......yeah.

Unlike many Bronco fans, I am not calling for Shannahan's head every 5 minutes because they haven't won a playoff game since the last Super Bowl win in '98. However, he is from the Bill Walsh school of coaching, which teaches that you should never stay anywhere in the NFL for more than 10 years. This will be year 10 of the Shannahan era....something tells me this is gonna be a very, very good year in Broncoland :)
/if they can just avoid the friggin' Colts in the playoffs....

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